Saturday, September 1, 2012

Why Wild Women?

Exploring the creative connection between yoga, life, art/design and the great outdoors.
Why start a blog?

Ever since we met - at a yoga retreat (of course) in beautiful Montecito, CA we found, not only did we share a passion for learning more about yoga asana, philosophy and teaching this to others, but also a shared love of all things creative.

However both of our homes happen to be in suburbia just outside Los Angeles. A beautiful, peaceful, safe and quiet  place which is great for us as yoga teachers but by design lacking a little of the culture and creativity we are searching for.

The question we both wanted to answer is how can we bring in more of the things we love adventures, yoga experiences, art, food, hiking and design, and generally living with a little more consciousness and awareness on a daily basis.

Living in beautiful Southern California there are so many places to gain inspiration from which can spill over into all aspects of our lives. So it is our intention to share our passions and bring you with us as we go...


love sarah n leonie

Why Wild Women?

We're talking more about our connection with the earth and life around us rather than crazy, tequila wild, although that has been known to happen! The suburban bit we already mentioned!!!

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