Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finding Yoga

What lead you to go to your first yoga class? Here is my story

A horse led me to yoga, with a quick kick to the face. :-) Yes, you heard me right. A horse and a kick.

Riding 2010
I was horseback riding occasionally with my sister at a barn here in my town. My sister is quite a great horsewoman, riding English. She jumps and shows. She is amazing. Me, well I was just learning to ride.

One day I met her at the barn. We were going to take a few of the horses out for a quick walk around since it had been raining for a few days. Mud was everywhere, but it was a beautiful day. My sister’s horse, Asher, is a good boy. But he was giving her some trouble, pushing her around not walking right. This is my older sister but...I'm quite bossy. So I said, "Let me do it. I am not afraid."

I took Asher and she went off with the other horse. Asher and I passed a big bag of apples he had been eyeing and.... for some reason something spooked him.  Up he went and ripped the lead out of my hand. Not sure the details (of course they are a bit fuzzy) but then I saw him kick his hind quarters and thought "did that just hit me." It did. Literally, I got a swift kick to the head. 

My broken face, see left side
Obviously that was a bit dramatic and traumatic. But...this kick actually changed me for the better. While I was healing after surgery on my broken face (eye socket and cheekbone) I needed some way to work out and relieve stress. You should know I am addicted to working out (sometimes).
Looking through a little local magazine I found an ad for a yoga studio down the street. I decided it was time to try it. From the moment I walked into the studio I like I'd come home. For this I am thankful for that "bad" day and that "bad" horse....

Beautiful Asher
Side note ~ Asher means happiness or blessed in Hebrew and horses can signify freedom.  I like this info :-)
Baby Dior
A HUGE Belgian ~ name???


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