Friday, September 14, 2012

Blessed with overabundance... the garden this summer?

So things have gone a little bit crazy in my 'trial' garden this year. I say trial garden as I had some empty space down the side of my house that was literally doing nothing, it was just dirt. It doesn't get full sun, about 4 - 5 hours or so per day in the summer so I didn't think that would be enough to really grow any of the veggies I wanted to - tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs etc.

Well in Simi I guess 4-5 hours of full sun is plenty!!

I was giving food parcels to anyone that came by.

Here's one I took round to Sarah's
for one of our blog meetings.....

Anyhow I love sun-dried tomatoes and luckily it didn't take me long to find some great posts on how to make them.The 'pick you own' website has lots of information and I used it for tips for my toms and for drying my herbs too.

The easy steps took me from this....

                                        via this...

                                          to this....

cheese and sun-dried tomatoes
on toasted french bread - yum!!

with just a couple of really easy prep steps in between - see the link....sun dried tomatoes

As for the Lemon Basil, I went with the 'Pick your own' advice of gently oven drying them over a couple of days....

The Sage and Thyme are next - now I just need some more recipes to use them in...any suggestions?? :)

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