Saturday, September 8, 2012

Decedant Banana Maple Cake

I went an 8:30am yoga class this morning. I don’t eat before I go. As you can imagine I’m ready for food after. Our yoga studio is in a suburban strip mall. Of course there is a donut shop on the corner. Today I was craving a maple cake donut like you wouldn’t believe.

Recently I started trying to cut back my gluten and refined sugar. It’s made a world of difference in so many areas of my health. I have a hiatal hernia and for some reason bread and glutinous items seem to make it hurt worse.

Anyhow, I didn’t stop and get a donut, YAY! But when I got home I thought… what can I make at home that will satisfy that maple cake passion I have.

Searching some of my favorite blogs I found this recipe.
Paleo Banana Mug Cake

I love mug cakes lately. Since I'm trying to wean myself off my sugar/cake/cookie habits they come in handy for a single serving fix. I tweaked the recipe slightly by adding cinnamon and pecans and removing the chocolate chips. To be extra decedent I topped it with a teaspoon grass fed butter and more pure maple syrup.

It satisfied that desire. SO good!!!!!!!
The "List"

I dumped it out of the cup into a bowl, mmmm....

Half eaten...

Do you make something a healthier way now that satisfies an old sweet craving?

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