Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Lately I have none. Well I have one, it is boring. Yep, my style lately is boring.
I love fashion. I always have. Leonie, my dear blogging buddy does too. She and I went to lunch yesterday and I realized she looked great and I looked well… dull.
Three years ago my style was pretty cute. I had a corporate job where I made a bunch more money so I spent said money on clothes and fancy shoes. I was a boss so I had to look nice for meetings, etc. Fast forward to now. My job is a casual one and I am not a boss. I took a step back in Corporate America to focus on Yoga and other fun life stuff. I am not trying to get ahead in my day job and for some reason this has translated into boring clothes.

When I say my office is casual, I mean REAL casual. We are allowed wear jeans every day, some people even wear sweats (no not me). I’ve personally seen the receptionist walk around the office with her shoes off, did you hear… HER SHOES OFF. Bare feet in the office are to me, always inappropriate. Call me crazy it is just how I was raised.
Any way I am setting a goal now for 2013. Dress better for work and play. This will entail shopping which I do like and buying new stuff. YAY! Also I’m going to mess around with my makeup and hair more. Exciting huh?!
So that being said, any ideas from readers and friends are welcome. I’m starting to check out stuff on Pintrest. Going to try and keep the $ spent to a minimum because well… just bought a house, downsized my job, got a new car means I don’t have much cash laying around.

Leonie, thanks for always looking so cute to inspire me. And…blogger Holly, thanks for the creativeness. I love that you post your outfits on Instagram. I love your blog. Holly Would If She Could

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