Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Healthy Inspiration

I got a text from Leonie after she heard me complain about how chubba wubba I got the last six months, “hey do you fancy helping inspire each other to loose 12lbs? Maybe a joint project we can work on and blog on process…”

What an awesome idea. “Yes!” was my answer of course.

I’ve been feeling kind of blah lately. Kind of bloated, tired and grumpy. I am 100% positive the food I’ve been consuming is not helping that at all.

Also I just remembered the hubby and I have a 40th Bday party to attend April 12th. That in itself is inspiration to look cute in front of all my hubby’s friends.

My plan will go along the path of Paleo/Primal and as close to Whole 30 guidelines as I can manage. I’ve tried this before and saw awesome results in the way I feel (most important) and how my body looks (secondary really in the grand scheme of things). For me this plan works because I love to cook. I can meal plan easy and bring my lunches to work.

So with all this said. I started changing my food habits on Monday April 1st. Hopefully in 12 days I will feel a little less bloated. Then I can continue on this path until I am back to where I want to be, fit and fun.

Here is the first meal. Starting with a hearty breakfast for the morning of April 1st. Skillet eggs with pasture raised pork and greens. And dinner that night, zucchini pasta with grass feed beef meat

Happy Spring!

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