Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Art of Yoga

A couple of Saturday's ago I happened upon a link from LA Yoga about The Art of Yoga - A morning of Yoga, Art and Music at the Getty Museum. Loving all three of these I was immediately interested and without hesitation grabbed my mat and headed out and off down the 405.

Ashley Turner led the yoga session with music by KCRW's Jason Bentley and this was followed by a guided tour of the Gustav Klimt's The Magic of Line Exhibition.

Klimt's The Kiss

It was a great flow class, the Getty is such an inspiring place and the music worked really well - a perfect combination.

The timing of everything was great too, in terms of it being for the Equinox and focusing on our dreams for the rest of the year ahead and actual timing for the class - just as we were in savasana all the fountains came on - providing one of those special yoga moments. (It may have been because the Museum was opening to the public at that time but hey- I'll take it!)

Fountains at the Getty - just getting warmed up.

Ashley's website is also worth checking out, she has yoga dvd's, books, video blog posts and leads lots of workshops and retreats.

Here is a link to the playlist, which included a remix of an old favourite of mine - Orbital's Halycon. Amazing for flow and a definite blast from the past....



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